619 Sand Road, Pembroke NH, 03275 Phone: 603-228-5558 Email: info@flmerrill.com

Frank L. Merrill has always believed in setting goals, some have been realized according to his estimated timeline. Others, like the founding of his own company, were achieved earlier than expected. In 1990, when the changes in the construction industry left him questioning his employment security, he ventured out on his own. His first equipment purchases were an Ackerman Excavator and a Michigan Loader.

F.L. Merrill Construction, Inc.’s first job was a site work landscaping job in Manchester, N.H. for a housing project. Today state and municipal work, such as the NHDOT Route 125 Project in Plaistow, N.H. and Langley Parkway in Concord, N.H., account for nearly 60 percent of the business. Large retail operations, such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, Kohl’s, make up the remaining 40 percent. As an excavation company, F.L. Merrill Construction, Inc. builds / reconstructs roads, prepares sites for building construction and installs utilities.

With steady growth throughout the years, even with the fluctuations in the construction industry itself. F.L. Merrill Construction, Inc. credits this accomplishment to the ability to be flexible and diversified.

With the addition ofPembroke Sand & Gravel in 1996, F.L. Merrill Construction, Inc. supplies materials for their own construction jobs and to outside customers, including winter sand delivery to local towns. Owning and operating the sand and gravel pit lead to the purchase of the mobile crushing equipment. With this equipment, F.L. Merrill Construction, Inc. is able to crush material for our customers at their locations.

The commitment to deliver quality service in a timely fashion is critical to the success of the company. F.L. Merrill Construction, Inc. has prided itself on meeting strict deadlines, often under very extreme conditions, to ensure that the customer can achieve the goals. However, no job is so important and no service is so urgent that one can not take the time to perform the work safely.

F.L. Merrill Construction, Inc. is a family owned and operated business. Together with his wife and business partner, Sue, they have seen the operation steadily grow to what it is today, 36 employees, over 55 pieces of construction equipment and 16 dump trucks. They credit the success of the company to a strong work ethic that is shared by their employees. Frank and Sue Merrill both realize that their ability to provide their customers with the service they’ve come to expect hinge to a great extent on their employees – a group the couple considers extended family.